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They looked pretty comfortable together.” But when you really look at it, it’s not as unheard of as it may seem.

It’s weird, yeah, but David Spade has been known to pull some beautiful women in his life.

Talking about the humbling experience of checking himself out in a mirror at Macy's while buying a new shirt to get back "out there," he self-deprecatingly referred to himself as a "6 or 7," adding, "I'm OK with it at this point." Perhaps it was his genuine-sounding concern over the end of that relationship that made it seem he was really looking to settle down.

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For various reasons—probably the biggest one being that he's a man, and the distant second being that none of it involved cheating on a spouse—Spade's playboy ways have just quietly woven themselves into the fabric of Hollywood lore.(Pictured: David Spade with model Jillian Grace and their daughter Harper)I’m still upset I missed this Jillian Grace book signing: Dresses Well Paparazzi follow Spade constantly and yet you almost never see a down-and-out photo of him.He always looks like he is either coming from or going to a party.“The pair went for a short swim, hugged and had lots of body contact in the pool.They kept to one side of the pool where there was the most covering from prying eyes.actress Kelli Mc Carty, who was crowned Miss USA in 1991 and hooked up with Spade not long afterward, according to a story she told Howard Stern.


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