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It had black "stuff" floating around at the entrance, and the water felt "thick", like it needed changing or filtering.One person fell off the tube during the Rapid River ride, and was dragged for a few moments, I even bumped into him inadvertently and as he was being dragged he bumped my adult daughter off her tube too, but a lifeguard jumped in right away and caught up with him, and all was well with him and with my daughter as well.And there are two types of laws you need to be aware of: ones for video surveillance and ones for audio recordings. The main benefit of a nanny cam is getting assurance that your children are being cared for effectively and safely.Trusting a near-stranger with your children can be extremely difficult, and a nanny cam can help you be sure you hired a responsible and honest caregiver."It's absolutely creepy...girls are in their bedroom all the time.

They have their adult pool where the staff looks the other way as many inappropriate/illegal activities go on.

Nanny cameras, commonly referred to as nanny cams, have gained significant recognition and caused more than a few eyebrow raises in the last few years.

News stories about nanny cams catching nannies "in the act" have caused many parents to buy a nanny cam of their own to keep an eye on things.

Neither of them complained and in the end laughed about their little adventure down the rapid river. We have been traveling to the Atlantis property for over 13 years so before the Cove even existed.

It is unfortunate if there is, indeed, a "you get what you pay for" mentality, as many of these reports indicate. We were spending our vacations there 1-3 times per year.


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