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A porn star got a little more than a love bite during a recent video shoot.

Adult film star Molly Cavalli was the victim of a shark attack while shooting an advertisement for a sex cam site, TMZ reports.

Comunale maintained his innocence after being convicted of the sex crimes and has complained he was never given a chance to testify at his own trial. A sexual behaviour report said the Ottawa man is at a moderate risk of re-offending.

He tends to view himself in an “overly positive light” and to “minimize his own personal shortcomings” – factors that lead to a poor prospect of rehabilitation, according to the psychiatrist who assessed him.

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for Claude Julien.

Nobody wants to get fired but after 10 years in Beantown, the 56-year-old Julien was given his walking papers last Tuesday and now he can pretty much write his own ticket to decide where he wants to end up next.

After fighting in court for six years only to get shot down by three unanimous decisions involving a total of 13 judges, Ontario’s corrections ministry gave Global News a database of sex offenders by postal code last week, shortly after a Supreme Court ruling ordered them to do so.

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Sure, Bruins GM Don Sweeney made the change but Neely’s fingerprints are all over this decision, despite his denials on Boston radio station last week.The crew had to stop the shoot prematurely as she screamed in pain and was helped out of the water. Damian Lawrence Cooper is a Vancouver priest who was first accused of sexual abuse in 1994. The plaintiff went for counselling to the priest and was 16 years old when the sexual abuse began. Supreme Court along with the Archdiocese of Vancouver, with a court date of September 29, 2014.Media coverage of the lawsuit unearthed the fact that despite initial claims of having removed Fr.It makes zero sense for the Knights to pay a coach in the -million US range per season in the first year. The belief in league circles is Julien won’t walk into a bad situation either.


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