Pakistani gay dating

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It seems the developer has selected the word Poondi keeping in view the local dating term that is being used in the country.

The Poondi App that is going to be the first ever dating and strange people meeting application will be based on the most of the features and functions of international dating apps.

The way of working of Poondi will also be much similar to that of the traditional dating apps with the main difference of working within the boundaries of Pakistan and India.

Remember: your misery is her delight; your win is her war! Your husband will never leave his beloved ‘mummy’ to live with you in a separate house. Everyone wants to know whats the latest with your relationship, and you will have to tell everyone what, why, when and how because, after all, they are family and you must not hide anything from them. I am sorry, I do not believe he has ever heard of it or knows the meaning of that word. You say you want to go meet that friend from college? You will not have a say in family planning; your body is his asset now.

Besides that, they are in your face all the time anyway, so if you don’t tell them, they will find out! He will decide everything; starting from when you will have babies to how many you will have.


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