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How is that a person that has blocked a user be able to access their profile, and comment on profile photo? Swalt23 made a nice comment about my profile photo.

Please my profile name is Lloyd AStewart111 please I like to get my money back the 81.40 put it back on my card here the last four number to my card 5552 didn't want the 81,40 off my card I just wanted to try it out for a month not for 8 months please call me on my phone 8044330990please thank you.

Blair My name is Derek gensemer I have been getting where I can log on but I get kicked out I try to log back in its not logging me in if their is a problem I would appreciate you contacting me by phone 4 my email is darkavengerbro @thank you. I am not even register through pof any more and I don't want her using my picture to advertise.. Also why does my refine search keep changing my preferences on age minimums and miles range? can this be done asap before all my information is lost to the wind. Ravenelle I just tried logging into my profile: megentman, and noticed I can't log in at all. I attempted to call you "customer service" number and got no results. Yes my name is Ronda Palmer and I was just informed that my account and profile has been hacked and there's some black chick in my place for pictures in them this is the second time this has happened and this is the second time I've had to pay for an upgrade and this is getting to be ridiculous. I’m very upset that I was charged for this service!! Plus the bank charged me extra dollars because this company charged my credit card I want to be reimbursed for that bank fee too!! Hi, My name is Janet Rodriguez and I've been a POF subscriber since 2009. I then proceeded to create yet another account, only to encounter the same issue. I am able to log in and see others but neither my messages go through and it shows that not a single person has seen my profile. I can think of nothing else and even this is a little far fetched. In my area some women won't task to anyone from out of the country.

I want my picture taken off of someone else's account. Also, how do you report a profile that doesn't have a clear facial photo on the app? My second email is [email protected] just upgraded my account too. If it cant be repaired please refund my subscription to the card that was on file and I will open a new one. i cant remember my password nor have access to the email address please i need to close the account I've left numerous messages to customer service no one is contacting me.. I was charged again for this service and u didn't ask for it. I have a serious problem with pof ppl calling saying I have talked to a under age girl which is not true they said I send them a certain amount of money or I'm going to jail I have done nothing wrong... I don't know if maybe my ex has logged in to this account and done something (he knows my passwords to everything as we were life partners). I'm on POF, and on my account it has Kevin Brazil or somewhere like that, the problem is.

It worth the money and you are likely to find someone to date with.

It helps you find someone for a long-term relationship and enjoy other premium features which are missing with the free version. With the limited staff available at the dating site POF your wait time might take a little longer when you contact customer support (604-692-2542).

They may look decent at times as you read their description and see the profile pictures, but they are exactly premium and high-grade singles looking for people for friendship, serious relationships, and causal dating.

If you have any feedback, reviews, experiences, complaint or any query related to the products or services of the Plenty of Fish, then you can contact through its customer service number as shown below. This is wrong and some one better contact me and tell me they are gonna fix this. I think someone stole or change something account is can not doing anything. Only wanted monthly payments plan instead you charged the full 10 months all at once. Understand it was a monthly fee not a one time charge. I had not changed the password, and had recently, just a few hours ago, successfully logged in and sent messages with other seers. In addition I tried sending emails, and requesting a password reset. My POF username was lovemaker09 and my email address was [email protected] And I want to redo my profile but I am not paying for another upgrade and I want the one that was on there cancelled now. I didn’t authorize the payment nor did I want this service. I've recently ended a five year relationship with a man I met on POF. So I need help fixing it, my screen name is davidearl70...

customer service detail of the Plenty of Fish may or may not be tollfree. No can use my face or picture on a dating site with out my consent.. Your site fucking sucks it says by email does not exist you sent me several emails so it does exist trying to log back on to the site says my password is incorrect please send my email I'll recovery for my password and don't tell me doesn't exist because it does.. Please contact me as soon as possible or send me an email so that I can get this straightened out and taken care of. I deleted my profile and account yet am still getting email notifications of people wanting to meet me. Nir only are there mostly cat-fishers in here but the PR availability is virtually nonexistent, if nit totally a scam. 2016 I was suppose to give a payment of .00 BUT. they did refund me $ but the other $ They didn't refund me back. With that cause with that money I'm paying the month of August. Someone fraudulently created this site under some weird name using my email address! Ibe received several emails that someone is viewing me!

Someone hacked my initial POF JCrapser88 with email of [email protected] I tried to contact your customer service department, but can't make an international call and toll free number is not a working number. Red Shirt Time is my profile name, the email address is [email protected] too has been hacked and has been canceled. you can contact me at [email protected] is a new account. When I try to log in with my correct username and password. I sent messages to the help center and I don't receive any emails from Pof. I'm a kind, honest, hardworking single mom and a fairly decent human being who just wants to me a man with similar qualities. I have been told I have no pictures on my account any longer. I have a paid membership ship for 6 months but if I can't get on my account due to it being hacked I need a total refund. the payment planned never stated I had to pay all at once it took 80 dollars from me I talked to someone about my problem and they said they could refund 42 dollars and put me on the three month plan I said ok as long as I get my money back they told me it would take 1 to 10 days it's been almost three weeks and no refund and I barely use the site now I'm feeling like I'm getting ripped off and if I don't receive at least my 42 dollar refund today then I will cancel my account and want my full refund back......

I went to reply with a "thank you" only to find that I was blocked. My POF account has been hacked and I can not get into it.


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