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To update your tax tables, make sure you are connected to the Internet and you have a current payroll subscription.To update payroll tax tables, follow these steps: Here’s another tip from Laura Madeira’s Quick Books 2013 In Depth: Because payroll requirements are changing all the time, make sure you have an accounting professional who can review your payroll setup, or who can file the returns for you.If the ‘Current’ doesn’t match the ‘Suggested,’double click on the amount. Override the incorrect ‘Current’ amounts with the correct ‘Suggested’ amounts.NOTE: if you’ve ever used a ‘Custom’ amount (in other words, you’ve entered something other than the basic default amount into the employee profile), this amount will ALWAYS need to be manually updated, unless you change back to the basic ‘Suggested’ amount (and the updates are working properly).Update Quickbooks and click Update Now, (and it kicks me over to the Update now tab), the Status for all the updates shows as Nothing new downloaded.Clicking Get Updates doesn't appear to do anything.It's important to understand how Quick Books Desktop supports various state and local taxes.Expand this section to learn more about which taxes are supported, how the taxes are applied and should changes occur during the tax year what actions, if any, are required on your part to set up or edit your employee and company payroll information in your Quick Books Desktop company file.

These updates provide the most current and accurate rates and calculations for supported state and federal tax tables, payroll tax forms and e-file and pay options.Here’s a link explaining this in greater detail: Books/Update-tax-tables-for-Quick Books-Payroll/HOW15192Now that you’ve confirmed you have the latest tax table, it’s important that you check your TD1 Review List to make your employees have been updated with the current Federal and Provincial amounts.I run this report before running payroll at the start of every new calendar year.For more information about payroll updates, see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Quick Books Desktop payroll updates.The latest Payroll Update is 21710, released May 18, 2017.Now would be a good time to hand your ‘Custom Amount’ employees a blank Federal and Provincial TD1 form so you can update their tax credits in Quickbooks.


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