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"The dialogue that occurs online is much more shallow and transient.It's like comparing an artificial sweetener to honey, or instant coffee to slow-brewed." I suspected as much, but I wanted to see for myself.1.

Apart from finding a Muslim woman who is willing and able to date you and settle down with you in the long run, it is also an opportunity for you to explore the religious aspects of their faith.Motava has chosen not to do this with OCC for the simple reason that having an online chat support service such as OCC should be an industry standard for all product or service websites and Motava desires that OCC be that standard.For absolutely free, Motava offers OCC with all the basic features hosted to anyone interested in adding online chat interaction to their website.Online Chat Centers Chat Software (OCC) is an online chat tool aimed to add interaction to any website.As an increasing volume of business relationships are determined to flourish by the website design, development and functionality of the parties involved, Motava Corporation has provided the most affordable live chat software for websites, with the most basic package being FREE.Well, there really is not a catch; there are only some ad-driven chat windows which cover bandwidth cost for Motava and some additional enabling features which require more bandwidth; thus, requiring more cost.


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