Selected value not updating

When I change from the first option to the second, the model does not update and no ng-change event fires.

or can you please send me the example with 3 syncfusion dropdownlist with example?A Plunker with the repro steps and showing the issue in action is here: Ibe Umd Zf J95l A5ssb E?p=preview The problem is that because we have removed the first "unknown" holding element, the select element does not fire the "change" event when you move down one more, since I guess, internally the selected index has not changed: @chalisegrogan Wow, thanks for the quick reply, Chalise. I did not realize you could use both ng-options and tags. This seems like a fairly significant bug in the select directive to me, but your initial post is over 6 months old.This only seems to happen on the second arrow key press after tabbing into the select list.The model is first updated on the initial selection but not on the second.Thus the button will be focused and the value updated.


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