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You Tube's 'native' in-app messenger will make it easier for users to share videos, but it'll also keep them inside the You Tube app and The in-app chat platform is just a test for now, but you might get access to it if one of your friends passes it on to you.If it proves successful, You Tube will likely roll it out to everyone.Internet horror stories passed around on forums and other sites to disturb and frighten readers.Includes stories from Slender Man, a fictional character that inspired two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls to stab and nearly kill a friend.Advertised as “Funny Anonymous School News For Confessions & Compliments” in the Apple Store, this anonymous app by Ambient is much like Yik Yak and Whisper. Learn more about After School in this Safe Smart Social video.

That organisation has even warned people that they should be careful before using Whats App for sensitive conversations,for fear that they might be read., a small group of users already have access to the feature, and can spread it by starting conversations with their friends.To share a You Tube video, users currently have to to click on the 'Share' button, where they can copy the link or choose the messaging app they want to use to send it.It did have some criticism for Facebook, which doesn’t apply strong encryption by default and doesn’t warn users that they’re not using the most secure technology.Facebook does that in part because Messenger conversations are valuable information for the company to read and use for advertising.Whats App and Facebook Messenger are the most secure chat platforms, according to Amnesty International.


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