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, researchers documented a monkey having or attempting sexual relations with at least two sika deer.While one of the deer ran off, the monkey mounted another deer and ejaculated on its side, Gizmodo reports.

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Roaches can live for weeks without their heads, respiring through their bodies, and survive under water for up to half an hour.

Kellie Fiedorek, an attorney with the Alliance for Defending Freedom who accompanied Stutzman, declined to endorse any specific measures when pressed by lawmakers.

Alexandra Brodsky is a co-founder of Know Your IX, an organization that advocates for students’ rights to an education free from gender-based violence. This weekend Brodsky received a number of harassing tweets from anti-Semitic trolls, replete with Holocaust imagery and phrases like, "Welcome to Trump's America. " Brodsky promptly reported the tweets to Twitter and screenshotted the offending tweets.

Researchers are blaming "mate deprivation," theorizing that the monkey—who has low social status—was suffering from "limited access to females." The incident happened during snow monkey breeding season.

Jones’ comments came during a hearing of the House Federal and State Affairs Committee.


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