Sharepoint consolidating multiple ad user accounts

The main reason why organizations consider multiple Office 365 tenants is because they have a global end-user base.

Office 365 tenants are based in the confines of a single region, and an organization might want their end users' mailboxes to be close and avoid the latency associated with traversing the Internet.

When I started writing a series of tips last summer, Microsoft didn’t provide an elegant way to use to send email from other accounts, somewhat mitigating its appeal.

But this week, Microsoft added that capability, called Send Email, and you can now safely aggregate all of your other email accounts through if you’d like.

Windows Small Business Server 2011 continues that tradition with many important changes of its own.

Features include: Upon activation, your Office 365 Global Administrators will become administrators in the corresponding Yammer network and can customize and administer Yammer.It’s a free service that provides companies and their employees with a private network for posting messages, uploading files, “liking” posts, “following” particular individuals, tagging posts, searching, and so on.When a company signs up for the Yammer Basic service, any employee of that company who has a valid company email address can participate in the Yammer network. Qualifying Office 365 customers who are looking for more granular control over the look and feel, content and membership management, or security of their Yammer network can upgrade the service to Yammer Enterprise.Please note that Yammer administrators must have a domain that matches the Yammer network.For example, on the network, only Office 365 global administrators with an @email address will become Yammer administrators.Before this change, would let you send email from other account, but it would be marked as coming “on behalf of” or “via” your account, which many people found unacceptable.


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