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The group notices a user named "billie227" in their chat, who was not invited by any of the participants.

After unsuccessful attempts to disconnect the user, the group suspects their classmate Val Rommel is pranking them.

After they invite Val to their chat, Jess's Facebook page is updated with racy photos of Val at a party.

Jess states she did not upload the photos and deletes them, but the pictures reappear on Adam's account.

But the success of Twitch has shown that the demand is there, and it likely provided a catalyst for live-streaming to break in on smartphones when Meerkat dropped in February.

Meerkat quickly became popular, was used by a bunch of celebrities like Jimmy Fallon, and the app showed that live-streaming might have found a spot in mainstream social networking. Within two weeks of Meerkat’s debut, Twitter took away Meerkat's ability to automatically follow people on their Twitter profiles (Meerkat uses Twitter accounts for practically everything).

A popup box will request access to your webcam so that others can see you.

Click "Allow" on the popup box, and you will see your live webcam broadcast in the chat platform.

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Shemale Roulette lets you watch up to four webcams at once, and sex chat with random shemales from around the world.Live-streaming isn’t anything new to the Internet: cam-girls make thousands off of streaming, Chatroulette shows us that we're willing to talk to strangers (to a point) in video chat rooms, and Twitch proves that people will stream or watch a stream as long as they have a similar interest, like gaming.But live-streaming outside of Skype and Facetime has been largely untouched when it comes to social networking apps.Es werden immer wieder kurze Videosequenzen abgespielt, allerdings so gut gemacht, dass man das Gefühl hat, mit einer Person zu tun zu haben, die gerade tatsächlich vor der Webcam ist. Geht man darauf ein und zieht sich selbst aus, wird das mitgefilmt. Sie bedrohen die Opfer Innen damit, sonst das Video an die Facebook-Freunde bzw.Eltern weiterzuleiten oder über You Tube zu veröffentlichen."billie227" then posts a video Laura Barns recording a video similar to that of Amanda Todd's, which took place in real life.


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