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Turbine engines enjoyed quite a bit of fame in the 1960s.Concept cars whirred and whooshed around auto shows, and even the Indy 500 felt the hot breath of turbine-powered roadsters.It was the relationship between those four bodies that Roemer used to find the speed of light, and he did so in a way that is hinted at in the Google Doodle.Roemer needed to use those planets because the speed of light is just too quick to do it with anything smaller – something that Gallileo found when he tried to measure its speed by sending light between two people stood on a hill.On the salt flats and dragstrips, turbine cars broke records and caused arguments about the place of thrust in motorsports.Then it all settled down and we agreed to power everything with piston engines forever onward. Without requiring us all to take advanced aeronautical engineering, let’s do a quick review of gas turbines, starting with what’s so great about turbines in the first place.If you are single and living in Indianapolis and would like Pre-Dating to run a local speed dating event, please sign up below!

After each brief meeting, participants fill out a score card and then gallop to the next as-yet insignificant other. As NASCAR’s official sim racing partner, i Racing organizes and hosts a wide variety of online stock car racing series, including the NASCAR Peak Antifreeze Series whose champion is recognized each year at the Sprint Cup finale with a ,000 cash prize and a NASCAR champion’s ring.There have always been options and alternatives to the great V8.Make your own sparks fly with today’s Groupon from Indy Speed Date, hosting a full schedule of upcoming events.Choose from the following options: Indy Speed Date scatters the seeds of romance in elegant restaurants across the city by orchestrating flurries of five-minute tête-à-têtes for searching singles.It needs to be measured at such huge scale because it's just impossible for humans to see its speed at any smaller level.


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