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In the coming days, newspapers ran stories about the “local tourism stalwart” who “did not have a bad bone in his body.” There was a packed memorial service.

And then everyone but Lee’s family began to move on.

“We need to understand why we seem to be restricted in available chemicals in the UK and further highlight the real impact this is having on our productivity,” said Mr Raine, NFU Cumbria county chairman.

He added: “Neonicotinoid restrictions are currently causing significant yield reductions in oilseed rape crops, and our Government has refused a derogation to allow controlled use in critical areas.” Armathwaite dairy farmer Robert Craig said Brexit could be great for Cumbria farming, but equally could be a complete disaster.

He says most of the candidates are keen to hear about the issues and happy to engage with farmers.

He was on medication for his Parkinson’s disease and prone to nodding off at any moment.

Farm gates in Cumbria will be thrown open to welcome the county’s potential MPs.

Offers of on-farm visits are on the table giving candidates the opportunity to hold face-to-face meetings with farmers concerned about the future of their businesses post-Brexit.

Owner description: The largest Farmers Market in the southeast United States, with over 200 vendors rotating through 135 spaces.

An extraordinary selection of prepared food, great crafts, plants, flowers, and more.


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