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This way you can check out your favorite celebrity’s diet, workout, and weight loss program, then look into their diet further.

And if the diet seems right for you, you can get started, and start looking like a star!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus won people’s hearts back in the day when she played the role of ‘Elaine’ on Seinfeld.

Now, the 49-year-old-actress is still a hit, has her own show, The New Adventures of Old Christine, and she still looks amazing!

The Atkins Diet is designed to switch your body into a state of ketosis by which your body uses fat as fuel, causing rapid weight loss.

The first stage of the diet consists of a two-week period called the induction phase.

During this induction phase only fats, meats, and certain cheeses are allowed, keeping your carbohydrate intake extremely low, almost to none.

Surprisingly, she revealed that she’s just like the rest of us, and she too gets special cravings: Julia dishes out the following weight loss tips for those who also want to lose weight and stick to their healthy weight loss dieting, “I have a huge sweet tooth, and I feel like I deserve a treat when I work hard.

After the two week induction phase you slowly add allowed carbohydrates back into the diet while keeping all sweets, and products containing white flour to an absolute minimum.

The low carbohydrate diet is similar to the Atkins diet, although a strict two-week induction period is not always followed.

2016 was an unkind year to just about everyone (save for exceptions like Beyoncé and...

I can't think of any other examples), but the last week of the year was particularly cruel to Billie Lourd, who lost both her mother Carrie Fisher and her grandmother Debbie Reynolds just a day apart on the 27th and 28th of December.


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