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Baby Station pleased the Dragons but they couldn't see an investment opportunity for this supportive device for the very young.

However you can still purchase one at Carbon 6 - Richard Mires Chilly Billy - Jeremy and Alexia Benson Baby On Board - Amanda Adique Neurotica - Victoria Mc Grane Samantha Gore is an inventor of anti-theft devices but had a difficult time on the Den as her fake tv product let her down in the pitch. Shoes Galore - Lesley Ann Simmonds Roadkill Toys - Adam Arbor Charlie Bradshaw Light Emotions - Ming Yun Monkey Trunks - Hazel Ives Barbeskew - Ed Wray Very PC - Peter Hopton Kooky Cookies - Tania Smith Melanie Snoad Misfuelling Prevention Device - Michael Cotton Shoes Galore is a party plan selling very colourful fashion shoes. Very PC was a laudable business focusing on developing energy efficient computers, but the Dragons gave Peter Hopton a real roasting due to their perception of his forecast company value.

Despite giving 50% of the company away it would seem to have been a shrewd move to get Dragons Duncan and James on board and meant an instant road to market for the reuseable plastic tie (Watch it on You Tube)Magic Whiteboard - Neil Laura Westwood Loop - Jan Sesnick FB1 - Frank Bisson Hedgehog Fairway Protector - Frank Houser Dennis Lansbury Car Safety Vest - Bilfer Ecin - Niall Harbison Sean Fee Glow Inc - Caroline King Airhead Hard Hat - Andrew Cunningham Planit Products - Guy Unwin Caroline Kavanagh Magic Whiteboard impressed Deborah and Theo enough to invest.

Ladder Box - Jeff Rob Hill Hi Visibility Luggage Tag - Ian Mann Sculpture Studio - Guy Portelli Interim Shoe - Daniel Rogers Blow Me - Sam Rose Juliette's Interiors - Juliette Thomas Nod Off - Caroline Smart3G Mobile Dating - Romi Parma Magic Pizza - Raymond Smith Ladder Box is an ingenious toolbox that fits on to any stepladder.

Their Windows Phone 7 OS was labelled as too little too late although it received positive reviews on the merits. Skype is understandably much maligned by most carriers (with the notable exception of Three) as it shifts revenues from (high-margin) voice to (lower-margin) data.

It is Microsoft’s largest investment into the digital realm so far (and a nice cash-out for the people who bailed Skype out from e Bay a while ago; the valuation at the time apparently was put at .75bn).

Many people have talked about the ubiquity of Wi Fi hotspots and such like in many areas but I would humbly suggest that this is daydreaming rather than a robust basis for a truly ubiquitous device such as a mobile phone just yet (and it perhaps never will).

The future would seem to lie in mobile networks rather than fixed-line anyhow (LTE and all), which means that there will need to be some sort of rapport between vendors and service providers (such as Nokia/Microsoft/Skype) and carriers, and even mighty Nokia has already lost a fight over Skype in the past (see also here).

This would leave Symbian without its two largest OEM supporters. Symbian of course boasts a still very impressive number of legacy devices, and it will therefore be here for a while.

However, what does the long-term outlook look like?


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