Thug males chats

One of her jihadist suitors who called himself Mario was “very persistent,” according to the BBC, and asked for her hand in marriage just 30 minutes after they started talking — despite not knowing anything about her including what she looked like. She pretended to be interested in joining ISIS, which Mario insisted would be easy as long as she had a passport and could catch a flight to Turkey.In typo-ridden messages, he said they could get married and have children.

month, we figured we'd switch the roles, and ask some of our favorite male musicians, comedians and writers which dudes they found themselves drawn to many moons ago, out of admiration, sexually, or both!“I was looking into the eyes of a terrorist and was very nervous, I’ll be honest,” she said.“I knew he was miles away, it was just a computer screen, but my first reaction was a terrorist, an IS terrorist.If you do not understand what is causing this behavior, please contact us here. Turns out, everything, when it comes to the internet.“If i will show you beautyfulpleacea and sunrises in shaa Allah,” he reportedly wrote. I give the place and then I say this time they come to you and they take you,” Mario said to her.


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