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Must we tell them the truth of their attitude or will they hate us forever.

Sometimes he is irrational.-I don’t want to sound manipulative , but I’ve treated him well, I have been easy to him , i love him,…are there any psychological tactics to make his uneeded anger disappear, his periods of detachment be milder, that he stops being so egoistic and also sees my needs.

However, for people that are bipolar dating is still possible and can be not just fulfilling but also very helpful in managing their condition when the relationship is healthy and their partner is supportive.

One of the main attributes of bipolar disorder is that a person typically becomes unpredictable when it comes to responding to external stimuli.At any given time, mania or depression can cause that person to swing from being hyperactive to being passive without warning.Both of these situations require a different approach in terms of dealing with the patient, but given that there is no way to predict which bipolar condition will manifest at any time, the task becomes next to impossible.Another problem can be the paranoia that accompanies these manic episodes.This paranoia can be incredibly destructive in a relationship and lead people with bipolar disorder to make wild accusations of infidelity, among other things to their partner.Advice On Dating Someone With Bipolar Problems It is not uncommon to find someone in a relationship where they are dating someone with bipolar disorder. This is especially true if the relationship is founded on genuine attraction and a mutual desire to get to know each other better.


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