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My pangs of regret about that review, seeing as how “Tosh.0,” which returns for its sixth season Tuesday night, eventually became one of my “off-duty” shows that I watch every week simply for the sick, cruelly cool pleasure of it.He wants only to say what one should not say, but unlike other comedians who specialize in that sort of thing purely for shock value, he instead has come to personify our worst impulses as anonymous online commenters.Comedy Central Renews 'Kroll Show' for Season 3 We're still a few weeks away from the second season finale of Comedy Central sketch series ' Kroll Show,' but that hasn't stopped the network from ordering up a third round of episodes.The big announcement came late last night, during an appearance by series star Nick Kroll on NBC's ' Late Night with Seth Meyers.' While not a huge ratings draw, more Comedy Central Renews 'Tosh.0' for the Next 3 Years Whatever you might think of the purposefully outrageous, sometimes abrasive comedy stylings of Daniel Tosh, you can't deny his success.MMA Girl Chokes Out Guy (air date: 2012-03-20) Daniel launches a Rocket Pop into space, a disgruntled garbage man gets a Video Breakdown, and Brandon, the guy who got choked out by an MMA girl, preps for a Web Rematch.Sweet Brown (air date: 2012-10-09) Daniel experiences the miracle of dolphin birth and puts 20 Seconds on the Clock for a convincing pig call, plus fire safety mascot Sweet Brown gets a Web Redemption.Watch Now A young woman gets caught in a surprise mosh pit, doctors remove an eclectic array of objects from within patients' bodies, and Daniel heads to Las Vegas to gamble the proceeds of the Tosh.0 prop auction.Watch Now Daniel performs plastic surgery on a man with a gruesome party injury, who gets a Web Redemption.

The offense taken by Tosh and his current or former staff (and his fans) about that review, which to this day reaches me through a second- or thirdhand source when I least expect it. So, as I’ve done with “Community” and “Game of Thrones” and other shows I got half-wrong (or all wrong) the first time I reviewed them, this is a long-delayed Valentine to my secret dirty love, Daniel Tosh. On camera, Tosh, who is now 38, appears to be everything his detractors say he is: jerk, troll, obnoxious man-brat, complete jackass.

Daniel also presents a selection of videos that could go either way, in the segment called, "Is It Porn? Watch Now On the Tosh.0 Ladies Night special episode, Daniel gives a Web Redemption for the Prom Stripper guy.

The ocean puts a damper on two couples' marriage proposals, Daniel also celebrates a few celebrity marriages that were thankfully brief, breaks down three cases of people losing control of their emotions, and he sets up the perfect play date for a peanut-butter-covered baby. A naked Spider-Man gets freaky in his hotel room, Daniel looks to hire recent college grads fresh out of sorority life, and he subjects his staff to a wholly unhygienic teamwork exercise. Daniel challenges the producers of erectile dysfunction meds to get with the times, and moralizes about a tonsil stone removal video and receives a stinky, new-agey treatment.

He also interviews via web chat a guy who wraps tape around everyday objects on You Tube, and then, he goes adhesive-crazy on his staff.

Watch Now Daniel has a maritime affair with a girl who once suffered a nasty fall aboard a cruise ship.


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