Trey songz dating a man

A black leather jacket was flung casually over her shoulders, and she'd popped on a choker, completing the look with black stilettos.Trey Songz has once again found himself at the center of recurring rumors about his sexuality and this time a viral photo of two men has left fans speculating again.The tone that Trey Songz has taken on Twitter would suggest that the tape is news to him — though he hasn’t outright denied its existence.Instead, the singer laughed it off and used the opportunity and free press to promote his upcoming Part of the reason this is all so interesting is because just before the video leaked, Remy Ma claimed that Trey Songz had had sex with Nicki Minaj, something that Trey Songz took too long to deny for Nicki Minaj’s liking.At another point on the same day, Palmer was photographed in a black leather miniskirt with white and red patterns splashed across each side.

However skeptical fans have refused to accept that the photo is not of Songz which recently prompted him to dismiss the rumors as "lies" via social networking site Twitter."On my way to Virginia to spend the holidays with my family. This is not the first time that the 28-year-old award winning artist has been forced to answer questions about his sexuality.Over the weekend it emerged that one of the players in the whole drama, Trey Songz, might have a sex tape doing the rounds.The 13-second clip doesn’t show much except for the actual sex (which is too graphic to post here), but fans have done forensics on the arm tattoo and voice of the man involved and believe it is the “Bottoms Up” singer.That situation is just representative of the many situations.'She'd also referred to this détente this Wednesday on The Wendy Williams Show, where she criticised her hostess' contention - made last week - that Palmer should've just exited the party when filming began.Later that Thursday, she was seen in So Ho in a sleeveless black cocktail dress with a fishnet crop top top flung over it. Over the weekend, photos of text messages surfaced of the actor and an unknown man, which also features a #dickpic of Tahj.


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