Updating a view in oracle

A view does not exist, basically its a definition defined within the data dictionary, lots of the DBA_ are views.

Biweekly Payroll Schedule Information that may be viewed or updated using the Oracle Self Service Applications: Street South Hours: Hill Library1700 University Boulevard Hours: Completing Your Payroll Information To make sure that your payroll information is processed properly, complete each of the following steps. The UAB Self Service Views responsibility provides the ex-employee, ex-trainee or ex-volunteer viewable only access to their personal information, assignment history and salary history in the Oracle Administrative System.Payroll Customer Service is available to assist employees and trainees with access to payroll and other personal information contained in the Oracle Administrative System: Self Service Applications.Three self service stations are available in the Payroll lobby located in the Administration Building on the 2nd floor.MERGE is what is known as a deterministic statement.That is, you can only update the same row of the target table once in the same MERGE statement.If the view is complex this can take sometime, this is where a materialized views comes in, unlike a view it contains space and storage just like a regular table.


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