Updating tiers

You may have even added some group pricing to offer your customers a discount for booking a larger party.But what if you want to offer a discount based on the number of days or nights booked.Use the instructions in this file to install one or more patches or fix packs.You need to install the most recent version of the Update Installer before you install updates.

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You can now upgrade any database in-place from Web or Business to Basic, Standard or Premium.In this tutorial, we’ll make 3 new pricing tiers: Rules in your dashboard to get started.In late April Scott Guthrie blogged about the new SQL Database Basic and Standard service tiers, and new features added to the Premium service tier.Upgrades the plan of a production database while keeping Postgre SQL version the same.Only works with Standard, Premium, Private, or Enterprise tier databases (or legacy production databases). Requires several hours to prepare a follower (during which an application can remain active), and less than 1 minute of downtime during the changeover.These instructions explain how to install and use the Update Installer on IBM Info Sphere Information Server, Version 11.3, to apply patches, fix packs, or other updates.


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