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While on the run, the boys are picked up by two notorious highwaymen, Hold-Your-Nose Billy and Cutwater, who hatch a scheme to ransom the prince.Jemmy talks them into believing that he is the prince, and sets into motion a plan of escape.Moreover, the casting of Truan Munro and Nic Knight as Prince Horace was a stroke of luck.Moreover, with Kevin Conway and Vincent Schiavelli providing the comedic humor, it allowed the film to sail unhindered and provided an atmosphere of frivolity for the entire family.

Even though the whole mess has been the prince's fault, Jemmy knows he'll be blamed for it.Still believing Jemmy is the prince, and believing it to be a crime worse than murder to beat the prince, they beat Horace instead.The dancing bear scares the highwaymen away, and everyone arrives at the fair.After Horace's tomfoolery sabotages vital border negotiations with related King Philip's ambassador, he flees the palace with Jemmy.They get kidnapped, and Horace learns to appreciate his street-smart 'inferior' while growing up a little.Jemmy, an orphan, is whipped whenever Prince Horace disobeys.


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