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These dynamic duos definitely have one thing in common: They took all their tension and transformed it into valuable relationships.

Currently, Zimbio's TV Couples March Madness Challenge is down to the Elite 8, and it's totally going to be an EPIC battle between the magical heroines and the fearless crime fighters: It's Back when Regina used to be the Evil Queen, she seriously had it out for Emma's parents, Snow and Charming because they were too perfect and Regina wanted her own happily ever after.

Her father’s name is Robert Potts and mother Yvonne Norton.

Chyler was raised in Virginia Beach as their parents ran a business of weight-loss club but the business was bankrupt after few year. Her mother remarried with her first husband and moved with him along with Chyler and her son.

Edward Herrmann also will appearin a few episodes as Norman, the world’s oldest intern.

For Leigh, the question mostoften asked is who Lexie will hook up with, Mc Dreamy or Mc Steamy?

The couple is very happily living together and there is no sign of any breakups or divorce between them. She is also famous nowadays by her role in Supergirl as Alexandra Danvers.

She’s also been expanding her music work, thanks to husband Nathan West. What were your initial reactions to hearing about Alex’s character arc? And I knew the magnitude of this — there’s not a lot of representation out there.

So she cast a curse that transported everyone to Storybrooke and made them forget their true identities.

Ironically, Regina ended up adopting Emma's biological son, Henry.

The couple first met in the year 2000 on the series set and had their affair. But after certain period of time, they recovered and later got married on July 20, 2002.

The couple shares a very romantic relationship and has three children including 1 son and 2 daughters named Noah Wilde, Taelyn Leigh and Anniston Kae respectively. Leixe Gray and in Not another Teen Movie as Janey Briggs.


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