Who is gong yoo dating

Gong Yoo started his show business career as a video jockey on Mnet in 2000 and debuted as an actor in the TV series "School 4" in 2001.

The popularity of the drama not only solidified his status as a leading man but also made him a Hallyu star.

On September 6 Gong Yoo was questioned, “Out of all the actresses you have acted with, with whom did you feel like you had the most chemistry?

” at the press conference for the premier of the movie “The Crucible” held in at Seoul.

Netizens unearthed many pictures of Gong Yoo and Lim Su Jung hanging out together since last year so their recent weekend getaway to Jeju-do was the last piece of evidence they needed to conclude that these two are in fact an item.

However, both parties are strongly denying the juicy romantic scandal, stating that this wasn’t a weekend getaway for the new love-birds since Gong Yoo’s other close friends, Kong Hyo Jin – the fashion terrorist, Yuh Ook Hwan – the taxi driver abuser and Lee Chun Hee were also vacationing with them at Jeju-do.

I like boyish women.”He added quickly, “If I say this I’m pretty sure there would be countless articles saying that my ideal woman would be Yoon Eun Hye of “Coffee Prince” so I want to clarify that I’m not being specific.” This response was thought to be witty and caused laughter amongst the interviewers. However in real life I wonder if Gong Yoo had no real feelings for Yoon Eun Hye and vise versa. You've earned enough for yourself and it's high time to start a family.Man From Nowhere had mad legs and word of mouth kept that drama rolling at the box office for a long time which is rarer these days.Regardless of whether The Suspect ends up breaking more records, it’s already a successful film for Gong Yoo to put in his pocket and goes a long way to erasing the his failed last drama outing in .The reporter noted that Gong Yoo appeared very friendly and he explained that he was a skill he cultivated working in this industry but in truth there are few moments to actually be candid in conversation during a work situation which is why he treasures the people close to him that he can still share his real thoughts with.Talk turned to his marriage plans now that Gong Yoo is 35 years old.Gong Yoo then enlisted the mandatory service on January 14, 2008, which ended on December 8, 2009.


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