Xap file not updating

This tool will also be in the RTM version of the Windows 10 SDK.

You can download the Windows 10 SDK preview (10166 or newer) from the Windows 10 Developer Tools page.With the latest release of Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 10166, we are excited to introduce the Windows 10 Application Deployment (Win App Deploy Cmd.exe) tool.The Windows 10 Application Deployment (Win App Deploy Cmd) is a command line utility that can be utilized to deploy a Universal Windows app from a Windows 10 PC to any Windows 10 mobile device. App X to a device connected through USB or available on the same subnet without requiring access to the complete Visual Studio solution.I’m investigating how to do something similar here with scripting on OSX, but I’m unfortunately not a Mac developer :-).Let’s take a look at the required steps and a scenario.If you are developing an app on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and want to test it on a physical device (e.g.


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