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There are days when we feel that the world has simply lost it’s imagination; and when we look in the mirror, we recognize that same tension within ourselves.This prevailing sense of isolation and insecurity, and a deep ache for honesty, belonging and community.After a few late-night conversations, they began to realize that a special relationship was developing. But they had agreed to the mission board’s policy that they would not use this short-term experience to pursue any kind of dating relationship. Among a team of short-term missionaries, friendships are often intensified by culture shock, by the narrowed field of relational options, by the long and erratic schedule, and by the bit of loneliness everyone feels.Infatuation can strike with other missionaries, and certainly with people of the host country.We are now […] Day To Day, Local Love, Passions, YWAM Life One Comment It all started the week before this Christmas.We were spending a couple of weeks in Monterrey visiting my wife’s family in Mexico.Although God could use a short-term experience to introduce you to a mate, in all likelihood it is the intensity of the experience which heightens the need for closeness and bonding.

I was still teaching at the time and loved my students, but I also didn’t feel I was where I was supposed to be.

” As I looked up, a girl, with a smile that seemed to brighten the whole room, was looking at me. We are just looking, but your English is so good,” I replied. My English is not good.” She then […] Day To Day, Mission Tips, Outreach, The Nations, YWAM Life Leave a Comment If you have ever met me you would know my passion runs deep for children.

I desire to love the little ones who have nobody to love them and to care for the children that are so often forgotten or pushed to the side.

Never before had Janice experienced such spiritual intimacy as she had with her teammate Tom.

The beauty of Kenya along with the excitement of God’s work in the Kenyan church seemed to help kindle a special warmth between them. Short-term experiences seem to encourage intimate relationships.


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